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The challenges of running a cannabis-based business are vastly different from those in other industries.

Advertisting is more restrictive. Competing for the keywords you want to rank for can feel like an impossible undertaking. Even the simplest day to day operations can present their own set of challenges.

We've experienced this first hand, so we know exactly what you're up against. It's why we created GreatCannaBiz — to give businesses like yours a chance to truly thrive, rather than just survive. Our mission is to build trust by connecting consumers with the most reputable businesses in our industry while providing business owners opportunities for growth at every turn.

GreatCannaBiz Membership Benefits

Earn the Top Search Position with Our Reputation-Based Ranking System

We don't buy into the to pay to play mentality. We know firsthand that great businesses are built by establishing trust with their clientele and can't be measured by their ad spend. That's why we list businesses according to their average customer review rating. With GreatCannaBiz, it's simple — the happier your customers are, the higher you'll rank.

Build Consumer Trust with Product Reviews

Reviews are an important part of this business and are often the deciding factor a new customer will consider before making a purchase. We have partnered with a variety industry professionals and enthusiasts to review products from our members, and these reviews will be posted on both YouTube and

Build Brand Awareness with Our Sponsorship Opportunities

We're not just enthusiasts — we're industry advocates who are passionate about educating others and working toward a more equitable future for our industry. Through our industry articles, newsletters, and social platforms, we offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to help businesses build brand awareness and grow their audience.

Meet Your Target Audience Where They Already Are

Spending your advertising budget on expensive pay per click ads or running display ads to garner invisible impressions just doesn't cut it. Your target market is our primary audience, and they're already on GreatCannaBiz researching their next purchase. By listing your business with us, you'll be positioned to sell to interested buyers who are actively looking for your products.

Increase Your Store's Online Sales with Exclusive Deals

We provide resources for consumers interested in learning more about cannabis, hemp, and CBD products, giving businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers during their "Zero Moment of Truth." Offering exclusive deals through can motivate interested buyers to continue their customer journey on your website, boosting your online sales potential and increasing your site traffic.

Drive Traffic to Your Website by Listing Your Business with GreatCannaBiz

Our mission is to help drive traffic to reputable online stores, increasing each store's sales potential and boosting their search engine visibility. When you become a member, we'll create a dedicated listing page for your business on our website which will include a company overview and a direct link to your company's website, allowing interested buyers to connect with you directly as they complete their customer journey.

Gain Access to Our Growing GreatCannaBiz Community

At GreatCannaBiz, we're all about supporting our members and building our community. The cannabis industry is growing, and the landscape is changing rapidly. Stay up to date on the latest news with our industry articles, and connect with others in the community to build your network and share knowledge.

Enhance Your SEO with Reputable Backlinks from

Viewed by search engines as indicators of popularity, relevancy, and trust, it's easy to understand the importance of authoritative backlinks. GreatCannaBiz supports our members by linking directly to their websites via business listing pages and various sponsored content, providing a boost to their SEO efforts.

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When you become a member of GreatCannaBiz, we will list your business on our advertising pages, list coupons for you, and give you access to our exclusive community forum. Additionally, you will have access to our membership directory giving you that all-important ability to foster business contacts.

Social media is so important to advertise any business, especially cannabis businesses. As part of your membership, GreatCannaBiz will help increase your social media exposure by creating posts and reposting for you. We know how the social media platforms operate and can use that knowledge to your advantage.

We can also assist with promotions and content writing for your products. Contact us to discuss details and costs for these services.

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